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A Bit About Me

Hey y'all! As most of you already know, I'm Braley, one of the faces behind 3 Gens.

I'm a small town girl from a one-red-light-town and I'm a true country girl living out my days on a working farm. I am the 6th generation to be raised in these woods and often visit my great-great grandparents' home that is still standing on the back of our property. I think of the struggles and changes it's seen over the years, not to mention it makes a great photo backdrop.

I have zero athletic ability but am pretty studious. If all goes as planned I will graduate with my AA and my high school diploma at the same time. I have a passion for agriculture and am an active FFA member. While I've been on several state-winning teams and placed in individual events, my top moment was winning the 2020 State of Florida's Middle School Prepared Public Speaking Contest. In my spare time I also enjoy hunting, fishing, and sunsets on the Gulf of Mexico. In the spring of 2020, life as I knew it changed drastically due to Covid. I'm not sure I even knew the word quarantine before then, but here I was homebound with nowhere to go. Thankfully there was school to keep me busy in the mornings and I could get outside, but I was bored. I bugged my uncle for a job at the watermelon shed, however, due to Covid concerns my family decided it wasn't the best choice. At this point in life, I was always baking something and he encouraged me to take up baking and sell my cakes. This was the craziest idea I'd ever heard. Who would want to buy a cake from me?

Well, my Mom always has a trick up her sleeve and she told me she needed me to make a few cakes to give out for thank you gifts. The joke was on me. As soon as they were done she made me take a photo and list them on Facebook. Within 5 minutes all 3 cakes had sold and people were reaching out to place more orders. That's how my business was born. I'm so thankful that my family unknowingly pushed me out of my comfort zone and have continued to support me in this and all of my endeavors. Their support has taught me that more is accomplished when we work together. I was 14 when this started, with limited funds and no driver license. There is no way I'd still be here today without the help of my family, most especially my Mom and Mammy. For those reasons, I decided it was time for a name change. Goodbye Farm House Goods, hello 3 Gens! As school and activities pick back up and the world returns to some form of normal, I'm not sure exactly where this business is headed but I have some plans. I hope you'll follow along.

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